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6 Photo Frame Ideas That Can Transform Your Home
6 Photo Frame Ideas That Can Transform Your Home
   19.02.2021    0 Comments

You can change the entire look of your home just by smart styling! The most neglected part of our space usually is the walls. We often leave the wall blank which looks boring. The walls of your home can be transformed with the right artificial frames and can also showcase your most priceless memories. Instead of decorating your wall randomly, we would recommend you to plan a theme and style your frames that complement well with your furniture.

Manasvini is a platform that enables buyers to buy home décor items. It is the best online store for home decorative items in India. We offer exclusive pieces that are handpicked from different corners of India mostly made by Rajasthani craft-woman. Manasvini is the best affordable online store for furniture in India.

To make it easier for you to get more ideas here we present to you 6 photo frame ideas that can transform your home.

1. Gallery Wall

Gallery wall looks amazing on plain walls. You can put different sizes of frames which look great together. You can also show off a variety of pictures and art all in one area, you can put up your photos right from your childhood or you can put up any good memories.

2. Table Top Frames

You can also put a few frames on the table. It looks good if they are styled well. Make sure, that they are not too big for the table. Manasvini is the best affordable online store for furniture in India.

3. Family Tree

If you want to show your love for your family members or if you miss them a lot and you want others also to know more about your family and to cherish beautiful memories then you can go on creating a family tree on the wall using interesting photos.

4. Along the staircase

The wall along the staircase is a great area to put up photo collage! Make your staircase space look interesting with photos as that space is the most underutilized space in the entire home. Manasvini is the best affordable online store for furniture in India.

5. Coloured Margins

Color margins photo frames look great and they can refresh your mood. You can go with pastel color borders with a white combination. It looks great and eye-catchy.

6. Digital Photo Frames 

The digital photo frame is also a good choice! If you do not want too much of photo frames in your space then you can go with digital photo frames, they look smart and stylish.

So, these were few ideas to change the complete look of your space!

You can shop various home décor items from Manasvini,one of the best online home décor stores where you can add filters as per your choice and preferences and will surely enjoy shopping as we have a wide range of home decor items to offer with easy and smooth payment & delivery. You can trust us as we provide the best quality. Manasvini is the best online home decorating site in India.

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