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Manasvini is the concept inspired to empower the women in India and around the world. The name is derived from the Hindu ancient Sanskrit literature and is concluded- to be a stronger entity, having self-respect and be wiser.

Manasvini foundation Trust is providing employment to underprivileged women and marginalized society by promoting the local art and handicrafts by giving them a common platform to showcase their work, so they can build a sustainable lifestyle for themselves. During the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown Manasvini foundation has reached out to the many underprivileged women of Uttarakhand by providing them employment through the production of masks, the initiative was well appreciated by Uttarakhand government. Most of the women are those, who cannot support themselves financially or lost their jobs during the lockdown.

Artisans are the backbone of India's non-farm rural economy, engaged in craft production to earn a livelihood. As outlined by Crafting a Livelihood, harnessing the potential of this sector requires different types of investments to preserve traditional crafts, strengthen the sector, and improve the incomes of artisans. Manasvini Foundation focuses on enhancing livelihoods of artisans by enabling craft-based skill development programmes to empower women from rural areas and also to provide that support and address the challenges currently faced by artisans that seek to improve rural livelihoods in the handicrafts and handloom sectors. We plan to execute focused programs that will enable capacity-building through knowledge inputs and resources. It is to be noted that most of our artisans create their artifacts using mostly organic and reusable material which lasts long than plastic or any other usual material, which maintain exquisite quality in their craft.

In our organization we promote urban customer to buy handcrafted products for their domestic or commercial use, for that Manasvini is coming up with their furnishing online store via app, in which all the products of the artisans will be displayed which will be coming from various NGOs that are promoting local artifact work in their organization.

Our ultimate goal is to preserve the rich heritage, art and culture of India for its future generations and makes conscious efforts to ensure its continuity and enhance avenues for livelihood of traditional artisans and craftsmen. The organisation key initiatives are aimed at working towards protecting and promoting India's arts, culture and heritage through various promotional and developmental projects and programmes, supporting preservation of traditional art and handicraft as well as documenting India's rich heritage for the benefit of future generations and at the same time to provide opportunities to underprivileged women, so that they can earn better livelihood and which will certainly lead to foster gender equality among the society.


Ankita Gupta


Ankita Gupta is one of the few architects who is doing the implausible work of redefining interior spaces in the realm of heritage residential and commercial sites. In times of great changes and challenges, Architect Ankita Gupta is steering to usher a stronger economy, a more equal society, and a nation more equipped with skilled workers. The ‘Jagran Excellence award 2019’ winner is epitome of the women empowerment culture, contributing to a fresh outlook in the transformation of India.

She is also a social activist working towards the empowerment of women by promoting the local art and handicraft work to keep the traditional craft alive. She is passionate towards the local arts and designs, that was one of the major reasons that she chose interior designing and architecture as her profession. Her keen interest towards the old heritage sites and local Indian handicrafts, inspired her to create Manasvani foundation Trust to promote livelihood of traditional artisans and craftsmen.

Pankhuri Singhal


Pankhuri Singhal is a grassroot social activist involved with many NGOS involved in empowering women. She is a lawyer by profession holding a BA.LLB degree from a prestigious university. She is a legal advisor at Ladli Foundation Trust (NGO dedicated to women empowerment) and also a Legal research consultant at Multiple Action Research Group (MARG). She is actively involved in various field activities, some of which are conducting legal literacy training and legal aid camps for underprivileged women and marginalized society.

She is passionate and motivated to foster gender equality and to create a gender inclusive society which in her views can only be done by changing the mindset of society towards women. She firmly believes that financial independence and enhanced skill training can be one of the qualitative and strong tools of empowering women.

She is an integral part of Mansavani Foundation Trust, which is one of the positive steps towards bringing the local artisan’s talent to forefront which will also act as catalyst to generate a better livelihood for themselves.


Shubhangi Garg

Creative Head

Shubhangi is the creative head for Mansavini foundation and trust. Her academic background is Fashion Design but she frequently moonlights in other associated fields like graphics, lay-outing and content writing out of interest. She states, ‘along with the abilities to come up with new ideas, I packaged my creativity alongside strong work ethics with a knack for learning new things in the course of my previous work experience at publications such as The Swaddle, and CondéNast, India.

The goal, at Manasvini is to proactively seek new concepts, and passionately put forward the creative plans with a purpose of making a change in the society. Opinionated and determined as an individual, she loves to explore every new street, and thus Manasvini gives a platform to traverse that.